ProE was developed by parametric Technology Corporation, Waltham, MA. ProE is a multi-programs software that can be used for design, analysis and manufacturing. In this portion of the course we will be dealing with the first capability of ProE which deals with the model creation and assembly of designs. However, ProE is linked to another package, MEHANICA, which is able to perform structural, thermal and motion analysis. The structural analysis includes static stress, deformation, buckling and vibration. ProE and MECHANICA can be used for optimization and parametric studies. Connecting ProE to NC machines provide the manufacturing capabilities. Wide range of sheet metal forming, piping layout and model designs can be handled.


The notes of this course are organized in the following fashion

Part 1: Introducing ProE and its capabilities

Part 2: Creating simple objects

Part 3 Mastering feature creation

Part 4 Modeling utilities

Part 5 Creating Engineering Drawings

Part 6 Assembly