Better administration means better management, which results in better productivity. mindstein turn-key programs are performed under the most demanding , combining both technology systems and dedicated customer service support teams to provide the most robust administration possible. We understand how critical efficient administration is, to materialize a company’s learning strategy. We go beyond the delivery of operations support to build long-term relationships and integrated learning solutions that help our clients improve their businesses. Our learning administration modules cover vendor, catalogue, class, and delivery management, in addition to a host of many other categories.

Business Training Program ?

mindstein provides Training Solutions on high-end technologies, core domain functions, soft-skills, Executive Management, . These encompass Learning Content, Learning Delivery, Learning Technology and Learning Administration. mindstein enables customers to reduce costs, sharpen their business focus and drive quantifiable results. Over the last three decades, mindstein has introduced many innovations in the area of talent development, setting new benchmarks for the industry to emulate. Today, mindstein is a Global Talent Development Corporation known for its extensive innovations in learning and knowledge solutions delivery.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Industry Domain Training in MTTS ?

MINDSTEIN offers customized training programs based on the requirements of bank.

Functional, Soft Skills and Behavioral Training ?

This is a bouquet of training programs that help meet the marketing and sales.

Business Process Management BPM Solutions ?

mindstein Uniqua’s training systems transform an employee from technical department.

BPM–Domain Training ?

These are training solutions related to a particular field of specialization.

Business Training Programs for BPM's ?

mindstein Uniqua provides training solutions to employees at every stage in the any moments Executive Management.

Long Duration Management Programs ?

These domain-specific detailed programs range in duration from six months to expected time.

Short Duration Programs ?

These are specific programs in the areas of Taxation, Digital Marketing and E-marketing Information Technology.

Roll-out Solutions ?

Our roll-out training solutions are aimed at corporates that constantly news.

Technology Training ?

In a world where technology is continually evolving, and deliverd a technical training any where .



Training Administration

Smooth execution of a training program requires a series of pre and post logistics that creep into a manager’s time till there comes a time when a training manager finds most of her time going into administrative tasks instead of focusing on the whys, whats and hows of training.

Its offers Training Administration services the include creating training calendars, sending invitations, managing enrolments, reminders, attendance, feedback, training room logistics, speaker coordination, training material preparation and vendor management, leaving the training team to focus on training effectiveness.

Training MIS and Analytics

Tracking how training dollars are spent and measuring how much impact they had is critical. By capturing training data and metrics completely, mindstein helps create training dashboards that provide decision making insights to the training and business managers. mindstein training administration team gets trained in using and existing mindstein’s Learning ERP system to capture, track and present training reports.