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What different apps command in terms of app development cost in Singapore.

While our findings indicate the price of apps as being dependent on some factors, there still exist the average market costs for app development among Singapore’s service vendors. Yes. The development cost of each app is different and does not entirely depend on the various factors aforementioned. However, in our assessment of the app development market within Singapore, we found several mobile applications and the respective application development costs you can expect to fork out.

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I. E-Commerce Or Marketplace Apps

Any startup intending to sell merchant products or digital services online, aside from a website, can opt to develop a mobile e-commerce app that caters to the Singapore customers. An e-commerce or marketplace app would entail having features such as a payment gateway, product sections, a checkout feature, and synchronization, etc. to ensure the app is stable and operable. Such an app require time, effort and resources for the app developer to finalize a working a mobile e-commerce app. Usually, Singapore’s development market would price a mobile e-commerce app as ranging from $15000 to $50,000 on an average basis. Depending on the level of complexity with the project, you can expect the e-commerce mobile app development cost to hit a range of $20,000-$65,000 or more. Some of the apps falling into the e-commerce category include the location-based online stores, free classified applications, and reservation systems among others.

II. Functionality Apps

As the name suggests, functionality apps are apps developed to enhance a company process or improve process productivity. For instance, a Human Resource Management app would see a company improve on its handling of employees and their welfare. Generally, such apps would command more in regards to the cost, efforts and period necessary to build such kinds of apps. Again the ultimate cost of these functionality apps will depend on the project’s complexity, structure, and process of the startup company. However, the general value of these apps among Singapore’s developers typically fetches from $20,000-$60000, depending on the business process automation in consideration. Apps made for much complex business workflows with multi-module functions would require a budget of $50,000 to upwards of $150,000 for large scale mobile app development project. Overall, the complexity of the enterprise level processes and systems makes the functionality apps extremely costly not just to develop, but also enhancing or making any changes to the apps.

III. User-Based Apps

User-based social apps are a growing trend within Singapore. With features such as a chat option, user signup/login, and messaging options, these apps can assist users in engaging instantaneously. However, these in-built functions between users require plenty of efforts and costs be put in place by the app developer. Typically, such social apps need a lot of development work, and this is perhaps why they are quite costly in the process. Singapore’s market skill commands charges of $40,000 to $60,000 for developing these user-based apps. More complex social apps would see the app development costs reach $70,000 or upwards if special features are necessary.

IV. Informative Apps

Informative apps within Singapore would often present the app user with information through the available options and features that redirect to additional materials on the topic. In general, these apps are meant to only showcase information and the services on offer about a company. Judging from this, the informative app requires less effort in terms of app development. You can expect charges to reach as a low as $10,000 if the app embodies simple specifications such as a standard UI and no backend. Informative apps that require real-time information updating, data extraction, and own database will, however, cost from$14,000 to $28,000. It is wise also to note that the development cost of an app may reach upwards of $41,000 if the startup looks to incorporate complex designs, integration and synchronization with web services or other apps.

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